“Entrepreneurs need to have a life plan too…

“Entrepreneurs need to have a life plan that is intentional to them; this will give their life perspective and clarity for the future”.

By Zahir Serrai

London 25/07/2015

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The concept of work-life balance causes unnecessary stress and pressure for many people, which is why I wouldn’t  subscribe to it.

“I practice intentional imbalance. This removes the stress and guilt that comes with trying to achieve work-life balance and gives you a contract with you to take control over your life.”

Rather than the hours you put into work, it’s about what you put into the hours, something me struggled with while owning an accounting business for 9 years. I realise that I was not living the life that I wanted, and looked for an alternative way to be productive while living life on my own terms.

“I discussed with several business owners and found there were two opposing points of reference used when making business decisions.”

“Business owners living life on their own terms used the point of reference of, ‘how will this impact my life plan?’ Whereas those consumed by their work were basing decisions on, ‘how will this progress my business?’”

After realising this simple difference, I set out intentional priorities and have a plan for the next five years.

In February 2006 I launched Serrai Invest Capital Limited in London to help business owners stop being consumed by their business.

Since the opening of my company, my client base has grown to 200 and over , mainly through  strategic plans and referrals from others experts and clients.

In terms of the services, opening gates. I provided individually crafted products for each client, depending on what they want to achieve. From face-to-face and online workshops, to one-on-one consultations and half-day and full-day retreats, for everyone

The most popular workshop is ‘Business Creativity’, where the first step is to focus on how well the business serves the life of the owner.

“Usually, their business and career defines them. But our job is to identify who the person is and what they are about. We identify their values and beliefs.”

Around 18% of European employees are working long hours. However, I think this is a conservative estimate, as many people don’t count the work they do outside work hours.

“People will generally count how many hours they are at work face-to-face and forget they occasionally take their work back home, or are replying to emails in their own time”.

“In a workshop for a team of female lawyers, I asked them to raise their hands for how many hours a week they work. I started at 45 hours, and then moved to 50 hours . At 60 hours a few hands started to pop up.

I urge all people, particularly entrepreneurs to set their focus and create a solid life plan. Home is home. If you need to work at home, set aside time to do so, and then enjoy being home and spending time with your family, children and friends.

“Focus on your life first, then health, wealth and then business. Ask ‘what does the business have to do to get the life I would like to live?’”

“Entrepreneurs need to have a life plan that is intentional to them; this will give their life perspective and clarity for the future”.

  • If you embrace that it’s never too late to start living a dream, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you see opportunity when others see impossibility, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re taking risks, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you believe that anything is possible, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re trying, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re creating jobs, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re scared, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re determined, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re making tough decisions, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you believe that nothing is “unrealistic”, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re focused, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re asking questions, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you embrace the unknown, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re hustling, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you feel overwhelming love, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you’re learning, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you embrace your childlike wonder and curiosity, you’re an entrepreneur.
  • If you accept that obstacles, turbulence, and failure leads to opportunities for success and achievement, you’re an entrepreneur.

If you’re passionate about something, anything, you’re an entrepreneur.



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