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Welcome to Energy Department

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Dear Customers,

The economic conditions around the world change instantly. In the last few years, despite the difficult economic challenges, we have successfully managed to help our clients achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.

From 2017 and beyond our new departments in Energy and Real Estate, we will see more investment opportunities arising in both industries and in particular, an acceleration in international investment. At Serrai Invest Capital, we plan to dynamically continue to reduce risk for our clients and contribute positively to their growth.

Mr Zahir Serrai, CEO


– A Known presence in the European Union, GCC and MENA.
– Registered in the European Council (International Investment Department).
– A professional, honest and reliable mediator, who has strong connections with exclusive mandate from buyers and sellers.
– A continually growing portfolio, inclusive of clients from all over the globe.
– Able to achieve a mutual agreement between both parties.
– Work hard to ensure both parties, through our due diligence, are proven performers.

Our Main suppliers are real and reliable refineries, that we have visited in order to avoid any online Business with fake refineries or resellers.

Our refineries (Suppliers) in different countries with International reputation and sense of responsibilities’
we therefore accept only the real Buyers who know how it’s work in this sector.?
Our resellers’ with serious market ability that we always checking and updating for our Buyers’ in order to make all parties comfortable

Serrai Invest Capital is committed to ensure all Buyers and sellers with a reliable International Business frame based on a real and efficient connection and secured transaction whatever the volume should be.
SERRAI IN NVEST CAPITAL LTD are approached at least 150 supposed providers and sellers of oil derivative and other crude oil products a year and yet maybe only 2% of such providers have access to real product. Surprised? You shouldn’t be at all.
As you may or may not know, the reality today is that oil buyers are a dime a dozen, real Fuel is the issue. The secondary market is for the most part composed of “fake offers” around the world doing a circle jerk on the Internet as people who have the real oil already know where to sell it.
In fact, you can just imagine the number of people who have “allocation contracts” that never get a drop of oil because they don’t pay the people they have to pay to get oil. Allocation holders are not title holders no matter how loudly they protest.
Serrai Invest Capital Ltd Oil, industry Energy Department activities, allows to transact in commodities, international finance, energy trading and to facilitate business at a very high level with private companies and governments around the world.

We have the unique ability to initiate, negotiate, and finalize business with ease and without interruption when dealing with equally equipped parties.

Serrai Invest Capital Ltd is extremely capable in the area of oil and gas through its wide international relationship with import /export Oil companies.
We intermediate, negotiate , and offer the best price for purchase, and trade all types of products in this sector and can access products in large quantities with real Refineries that our company exclusively mandated for.
Our Buyers seek in the oil sector for everything from crude oil to refined (finished) products, in addition to petrochemicals and gas (subject to schedule, quantity, and demand).
We look forward to receiving your clearly defined requirements. Please deliver such requirements and communication through our newly Energy Department.
The underlying philosophy of Blackhawk Partners physical commodities trading approach is to realize the commercial potential of assets in markets where we have a comprehensive understanding of what influences value.
Our business is first and foremost a people’s business. We do not do business over the Internet and like to meet face to face with our counter parties before moving forward in a transaction unless referred to us and vouched for by a client of ours.
The products we most extensively trade are: crude Oil and all refined products.
The 5 countries we particularly don’t do business with – directly or indirectly – are: Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Ghana and Sudan,

Regarding our Oil derivatives trading business

We are actively engaged in trading oil derivative contracts – production and otherwise – both for ourselves and our clients and with respect to both crude and refined products.

Just as general guidelines:

  1. We offer D2, JP54, ULSD 500ppm, LNG, LPG , Crude Oil and many other derivatives on contracts basis.
  2. We secure the products which to be immediately lift- able.
  3. We do reciprocate with Proof of Funds (POF), but only between Buyers and sellers
  4. Buyer’s appointed Tank Farm Company must be VERIFIED by the sellers we representing before buyers will proceed engagement of signing TSA and rental deposit with the tank farm company.
  5. Competitive discount in common agreement with the sellers’ we represent for our Buyers
Our sellers are committed to do:

The reasons for asking Buyer to first get approval from supplier before engaging with his or her appointed tank farm is as follow:

  • Verify your appointed tank farm company to be assured that it meets our standard and to be sure that the tank farm has a clean record with authorities and by the law in other to avoid any risk of our product quality or quantity during injection.
  • Note that it is not all tank farm company that has the proper pipeline routing map to inject product from all regions in Russian Federation to tank facilities.
  • Note that it is not all tank farm company has port approval or a safe Trans loading network from tank facility to loading port/ Vessel.
  • Has to first open communication Lessor of tank and inspects the tank facility condition that our product will be injected into to avoid contamination of our product quality. OurSellers don’t want a situation whereby your company finalizes leasing the tank and later find out that the tank farm company is lacking any of the above mentioned reasons that means buyer will have to provide or lease a new tank so that is the reason buyer have to follow seller’s instruction to avoid arguments or future complication between buyer and seller.
  • As soon as Seller receive the details of buyer’s appointed Tank Farm Company and confirm their capability then