Political risk in Europe !

Political risk in Europe !

Where do we stand? Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team)     2017 was billed as a year of potential political turmoil for the eurozone. Investors feared that elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany could lead to a victory for an anti-euro party plunging the very future of the eurozone into […]

Saudi Arabia to tackle the public wage bill

Tackling in the Saudi Kingdom Wage bill Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd  ( Media Team)  Recent changes to the terms and conditions of employment in Saudi Arabia’s civil service are expected to result in major budget savings; however, there are some concerns that the alterations could negatively affect the broader economy. In 2015 the […]

Algeria – Free Report 2015 –

Serrai Invest Capital Free Report on Algeria 2015 High Risk Areas Non- Compliance with FATS 40+9 Recommendations Not EU White list equivalent jurisdictions Corruption Index (Transparency International , W.G.I, IMF & World Bank) World Governance Indicators (Under Average Score) Failed States Index (Political Issues) (Under Average Score) Medium Risk Areas S Department of state Money Laundering Assessment […]

The 12 Negative Pillars of Globalization

The 12 Negative Pillars of Globalization SERRAI INVEST CAPITAL Ltd  (C) 2015 By Zahir Serrai  Globalization seems to be looked on as an unmitigated “good” by economists. Unfortunately, economists seem to be guided by their badly flawed models; they miss real-world problems. In particular, they miss the point that the world is finite. We don’t have […]

The lucrative business of borrowing money…

Pension Funds Can Only Guess at Private Equity’s Cost SIC REPORT MAY 1, 2015 (Media Team) Partnership agreements outlining private equity firms’ practices are as closely guarded as the recipe for Coca-Cola. Indeed, when it comes to secrecy, few industries do it better than private equity. To outsiders, the lucrative business of borrowing money, buying companies and hoping […]

Company Which Bulldozed Local Pub Forced by law to rebuild it ‘Brick By Brick’

Par Serrai Invest Capital Ltd London ( Media Team) Pub campaigner Roger Protz described the move as a ‘Great for the future of pubs’   The Carlton Tavern Picture  (SIC.COM) In a move which many British city-dwellers will cheer, a council has forced a developer to rebuild a much-loved local pub ‘brick by brick’. The […]