Tunisia rolls out ambitious reform agenda

Tunisia rolls out ambitious reform agenda

Tunisia rolls out ambitious reform agenda Analysis  by Zahir Serrai  (CEO of S-IC) Economic reforms aimed at revitalising Tunisia’s economy are taking shape, as the government moves to mitigate headwinds while working to balance the demands of national stakeholders and international lenders. The reforms, which range from a new investment code to increased infrastructure spending, […]

Investing in gold as effective diversification away from the equity markets

INVESTING IN GOLD By Zahir Serrai  CEO of S-IC  30/10/2015 Posted by Edward Stevens Mr Zahir Serrai wrote: Our view on investing in gold has become more positive. As the risks of currency devaluation, stock market dislocation and US monetary policy failing to normalise loom, we see investing in gold as effective diversification away from […]

Amman (Jordan) in Real Mutation

By:  SERRAI INVEST CAPITAL LTD ( Team Media)  27/10/2015 Renewed work on a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Amman marks a positive development for Jordan, promising improved connectivity in and around the capital city. A burgeoning national population, estimated at nearly 7m and expected to reach 8.5m by 2025, according to forecasts from the […]

L’arnaque des Bouteflikas et les Ex : Bosses des coulisses avant leur départ

Programme de développement 2015-2019 et maîtrise des coûts Les bosses des coulisses sont toujours actifs…. Par Serrai Invest Capital (Media Team) 21/10/2015 Mauvaise posture de la Sonatrach    Les difficultés financières du pays risquent de s’aggraver si Sonatrach ne parvient pas à augmenter sa production d’hydrocarbures de façon conséquente et dans les délais, c’est-à-dire dans […]

L’Algérie risque d’aller a l’endettement extérieur en 2016

L’Algérie risque d’aller a l’endettement extérieur en 2016 Zahir Serrai, Expert en Finances, établi à Londres http://www.leconews.com/fr/actualites/nationale/finance-assurances/l-algerie-risque-d-aller-a-l-endettement-exterieur-en-2016-12-10-2015-175416_290.php Expert en Finances et Directeur de l’entreprise Serrai d’investissement et de développement, basée à Londres, Zahir Serrai a bien voulu analyser pour nous, à travers de cette interview, les conséquences de la chute des cours du brut sur […]

Investing in Angola

WELCOME TO ANGOLA By Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team) 10/10/2015 Angola has more than 24 million inhabitants, the GDP is above 132 billion dollars, the exports reached more than 71 billion dollars and the foreign exchange reserves are above 30 billion dollars. With such a positive macroeconomical environment it is not a surprise […]

Problems of market failure and land markets fail more than most…..

For years we’ve built the wrong houses in the wrong places. We need to rethink the self-serving myths about the housing crisis ”Jeremy corbyn Labour Leader” By : Zahir Serrai-  CEO of Serrai Invest Capital  Ltd  If you build Reliant Robins when people prefer Volkswagens, then VWs become unaffordable: that is what we have been doing […]

L’Algérie continue de soutenir les programmes de logement

Malgré la chute des prix du pétrole et du gaz, le gouvernement algérien a promis de continuer à soutenir ses programmes sociaux dans des domaines clés tels que le logement, alors même qu’il annonçait fin août de nouvelles réductions de dépenses. Par: Serrai Invest Capital Ltd  en cooperation avec Oxford Business Group UK La construction […]

Algeria remains committed to housing plans

Despite feeling the weight of falling oil and gas prices, Algeria’s government has pledged to continue supporting its social programmes in key areas like housing, even as it unveiled further spending cuts at the end of August. By Serrai Invest Capital Ltd in cooperation with Oxford Business Group 2015 Building new homes is a priority […]

Commencer petit, voir grand et aller vite!

2014 Commencer petit, voir grand et aller vite!