Saudi Arabia to tackle the public wage bill

Saudi Arabia to tackle the public wage bill

Tackling in the Saudi Kingdom Wage bill Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd  ( Media Team)  Recent changes to the terms and conditions of employment in Saudi Arabia’s civil service are expected to result in major budget savings; however, there are some concerns that the alterations could negatively affect the broader economy. In 2015 the […]

Should the British £ survive next Year ?

Brexit is making Britons poorer, and meaner Posted by : Serrai Invest Capital (Media Team)  £ 1=  € 1.11  &   £ 1 = $ 1.10     ( 12/10/2016) THESE are exciting times for Britain’s currency, and not in a good way. On the eve of the vote on whether to leave the European Union, […]

Papua New Guinea’s banking sector well-positioned to weather current challenges

Posted by Serrai Invest Capital (Media Team) 28/09/2016 FREE STUDY  Overview Papua New Guinea’s banking sector is adjusting to the slowing of economic growth and to the foreign exchange shortage that is affecting local businesses in the country. However, despite many challenges, the institutions remain well capitalised and highly profitable, and in some cases are […]

World risk: Alert – Global risk scenarios

World risk: Alert – Global risk scenarios By Serrai Invest Capital Ltd  (Media Team)  05/09/2016 As we reach the closing months of 2016, it is clear that central banks are continuing to take the strain of keeping the global economy on the rails. Throughout the developed world, interest rates are at (or close to) record […]

La nouvelle loi d’investissement en Algerie (En Arabe)

توضيح من شركة سراي للإستثمار و التنمية حول قانون الإستثمار الجديد في الجزائر بقلم الأستاذ : زهير سراي المدير التنفيذي للشركة حمل مشروع القانون المتعلق بترقية الاستثمارفي الجزائر ، اقتراح إلغاء القاعدة 51-49 من القانون، على أن يسجل في تدبير يقترح بعنوان قانون المالية لسنة 2016 وبررت الحكومة هذا المقترح أن القاعدة 51-49 غير مرغوبة، […]

When periods of economic growth come to an end, old age is rarely to blame

Free exchange Posted by Serrai Invest Capital (media Team) 19.05.2016 In June America’s economic expansion will be seven years old. That is practically geriatric: only three previous ones lasted longer. The record boom of the 1990s survived only ten years. It is tempting to look at that ten-year mark as something like the maximum lifespan […]

6 reasons to invest in Africa

Posted by :Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team) 13/05/2016 The conversation about Africa is shifting from one of “deficits” and “gaps” to one about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity. That’s not news to companies that have paid close attention to the continent and invested there. The fast growing youth population, the urbanization expected to drive […]


Posted by:  Serrai Invest Ca[ital Ltd ( Media Team)  THE ECONOMIST  BREXIT ANALYSIS…. THE referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union that David Cameron has called for June 23rd will be not only the most crucial event in this parliament but the most important in Europe in years. It will determine the prime minister’s future, […]

Algeria targeting hydrocarbons investment

ALGERIA Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team)  In spite of a challenging global environment, Algeria is moving ahead on several key hydrocarbons projects, targeting renewed investment from international oil and gas majors. Following last year’s announcement to postpone bidding rounds for oil and gas exploration rights on new blocks due to low […]


1-L’industrialisation de l’économie marocaine : acquis réels et modalités d’une remise en cause Posted by Serrai Invest Capital (Par John key Oxford  university researcher & Expert for  at MENA) Free Study  Trois décennies après son indépendance, le Maroc est à la recherche d’une nouvelle politique industrielle. Les réformes en cours témoignent des contraintes qui pèsent […]