550 Millions d’Euros de moins- Un positif deal de Merkel avec Lemberkel

550 Millions d’Euros de moins- Un positif deal de Merkel avec Lemberkel

Alger a donné son accord pour le rapatriement de ses ressortissants se trouvant en situation irrégulière en Allemagne. Le Premier ministre Ahmed Ouyahia, a accepté sous condition, le principe du retour en Algérie de quelque 3700 migrants algériens établis en Allemagne.     Mein Kampf Berlin, de son côté,  a été aussi très claire, presque […]

Overcoming financial and economic crisis

28 mai 2018  | PAR : Kamel Aït Bessaï http://www.cresus.dz/actualite/2224-overcoming-financial-and-economic-crisis  Experts and specialists, aware of the country’s economic and financial situation, continue to make suggestions to the government in order to overcome the crisis and the dependence on hydrocarbon industry. In addition to some Algerian reflection circles, called “think-tank”, such as Care, Nabni and others. Mr […]

Popping up in the euro

CITI: A pattern is popping up in the euro that suggests it could soar 20% By Jonathan Garber The euro is on track to post its biggest annual gain since 2003. An “outside year” could occur for just the third time since floating exchange rates began in the 1970s. The CitiFX Technicals team says the euro […]

“Wer einen besseren Job findet, der geht”

H&M zieht vor Gericht, um einen Betriebsrat kündigen zu dürfen. Hier berichten zwei Mitarbeiter von prekären Arbeitszeitmodellen und Psychostress bei der Arbeit. Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team)  Die Bekleidungskette H&M will vor dem Arbeitsgericht Bonn die Erlaubnis erstreiten, einen Betriebsrat zu entlassen. Vier H&M-Filialen befinden sich rund um den Marienplatz in […]

Political risk in Europe !

Where do we stand? Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team)     2017 was billed as a year of potential political turmoil for the eurozone. Investors feared that elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany could lead to a victory for an anti-euro party plunging the very future of the eurozone into […]

Algeria unveils plan to diversify sources of government income

Why 13 Millions Euros paid for this Report? Posted by Serrai Invest Capital Ltd ( Media Team) Fresh details on Algeria’s long-term plan to reduce reliance on hydrocarbons have been announced, providing investors with new clues to the country’s economic direction in an age of low oil prices. Development goals More specifics of the ministry […]

L’interview du Mois de Mai 2017

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FMI nouvel horizon algérien (analyse)

L’alibi électoral passé, les années FMI nouvel horizon algérien Postee par : Serrai Invest Capital ( Strategic Studies Department) Serrai Incest Capital Ltd explique pourquoi les élections du 04 mai n’auront été d’aucune utilité à ce qui fait la priorité de l’heure en Algérie. Le gouvernement algérien a perdu en 2017 un quadrimestre dans sa course […]

Families Investment

May expected to challenge right of EU citizens to bring family to Britain Posted by Serrai Incest Capital Ltd  ( Media Team) The government wants restrictions that apply to British citizens, including a minimum income threshold, to be extended to EU nationals.  A major clash over the unrestricted right of EU citizens living in Britain […]

How to save Europe after 60 years ?, 25/03/1957-25/03/2017

Europe at 60 Can Europe be saved ? If it is to survive, the European Union must become a lot more flexible Posted par SERRAI INVEST CAPITAL (Media Team) ON MARCH 25th 1957, with the shadow of the second world war still hanging over them, six European countries signed the founding treaty of a new sort […]